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School Advisory Council

The general role of the Advisory Council is to meet and consult with the Pastor, Principal and President on the school’s mission, vision, objectives and policies of STM to benefit all students, staff and the total educational program.  Council members also participate on the various standing committees.


The Council consists of 13 members, 6 are parent volunteers serving a term of two years.  Every year, 3 parent members rotate out and 3 new members are selected.   A member who volunteers to serve must have an open mind and use data to make informed decisions for the overall good of the school. 
Parent members have no authority as an individual.  Only when the Council meets as a group does the person function as a Council member.  Council members are not liaisons between parents and the school, however, they may guide parents to the appropriate school authority so parents can share their questions or concerns.
Members should be motivated for service of the school community rather than personal agendas.


The School Advisory Council functions by using consensus decision-making. This is the model in which decisions are made by the general consent of the group rather than by the majority rule used in parliamentary procedure. Healthy discussions on issues may take place. Consensus does not imply 100% agreement, instead consensus means that all members will support the decision reached by the Council as a whole. When consensus is attained, everyone agrees to the decision and is willing to take ownership of that decision. Consensus is achieved when there is a general agreement or accord among the members of the Council. Consensus results in growth and is instrumental in building community within a group.

Home and School Association

Every STMS Parent/Guardian is a member of the Home and School Association (HASA).  The mission of HASA is to communicate between the school and the parents, on the status of volunteerism which includes working on fundraising with the Development Office.   The Home and School Association also strives to provide opportunities for parents to learn about the school and other parenting and community topics.
All parents pay dues at the beginning of the school year and will become members.  Meetings are generally every other month at 7pm.
Executive Board members consist of a Chairperson, Co-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Volunteer Coordinator.  Please consider joining the HASA Executive Board.

HASA and School Advisory Council Eligibility

  • Must be a registered member of the parish or parent/guardian of a registered student
  • At least 21 years of age
  • Available to attend monthly meetings and sub committee meetings
  • Able to serve for a two year term on School Advisory Council and 3 years on Home and School Assn.
  • Employees of the parish/school and immediate family are ineligible
  • Council members and spouses may not serve concurrently on the School Advisory Council, Home and School Association or Athletic Commission.

Athletic Commission

Students may participate in school sports in 5th through 8th grade.  Sports that are offered are basketball, cross country, soccer, track and volleyball.  In order to facilitate the sports program, an Athletic Commission was established.  This Commission coordinates the athletes, coaches, games, uniforms, gym schedules, concession stand and much more.  Parents of athletes are asked to support the Athletic Commission with concession stand duty, or field and gym duty when necessary.  
Do You Have the Time to Commit?
Can You Remain Objective and Work on a Consensus Basis?
Are You Willing to Promote School Goals of Service, Welcome, Academics, Prayer and Development?