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State of Indiana Choice Scholarship Voucher 


To find out more about the voucher program, visit the State of Indiana Department of Education at

Upon notification of the student’s acceptance to St. Thomas More School, a family can apply for the Choice Scholarship Voucher from the State of Indiana. To apply, families can process their voucher application with the help of STMS office staff, via a computer located in the reception area of our main office.
Once the voucher request has been approved by the state, STMS will proceed with billing the remainder of the tuition (the amount not covered by the state voucher) according to the signed Tuition Agreement and will process the registration fee.
*If a student/family chooses not to attend St. Thomas More School at the culmination of this process, written notice must be sent to the billing office via mail or email
( and the registration fee will be returned to the family.

Angel Scholarship

This special fund helps our school families with their tuition costs during times of family hardship such as the loss of a job, loss of a parent, family illness, etc.