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St. Thomas More School Kids Time Goals

  • To provide quality before-and-after school enrichment activities for students.
  • To provide a structured and safe environment which stresses responsible behavior, respect for others, and reinforces a Christ-like attitude for everyone.
  • To provide a caring staff who will interact with students in group and individual settings.
  • To provide communication with parents regarding their child’s overall well- being within our program.
Students must be enrolled at St. Thomas More School to participate in the program.
When you are ready for your child to begin our program, please complete the following:
  • Send the registration form to your child’s teacher.
  • The Parent/Guardian will need to send a letter to the after-school director explaining the dates and times that the child will be attending our program.
  • Phone number(s) where the Director can contact the parent/guardian at all times will need to be included.
Program Activities
The program will begin each day after school at 3:00 p.m. and will close promptly at 6:00 p.m. The students will be sent directly to Room 110 after the school dismissal bell. Activities will include the following: Check-In, Gym/Outdoor Activities (weather permitting), Snacks, Homework/Quiet Time,
Games/Story/Playtime and Clean-Up Time.
Every child is expected to show respect to the staff and the other children, as well as towards St. Thomas More School property. Violence and bullying of any kind is not allowed. Parent support in enforcing these policies and rules is appreciated.
Light snacks will be provided to the children each day (examples: crackers, cookies, milk or juice, fruit or fruit snacks, ice cream, popcorn). If your child has specific food restrictions or allergies, please be sure to notify the Kids Time Director