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Thank you for following all of the parking lot changes. It looks like we have a good plan for both arrival and dismissal under normal circumstances. During construction on the church side of the building, though, procedures will not be normal during the month of September. While the church side is under construction, the back of the building will be fenced off. This impacts the school entrance, driving lanes and parking spaces. Only the morning drop off will be impacted. Through September, students will be dropped off at the parish office (the loop around the back of the building will be eliminated.) This will include students participating in the Before School program. A staff member will be in the parish office greeting the students from 7 to 7:30. Afterwards, the students will walk directly to the cafeteria from the parish office. There will be patrol students to assist along the way.

Parking Lot Procedures

St. Thomas More School Main Building

Morning Drop-Off

South Parking Lot (North Lot is for buses only):
Cars may enter the STM lot from either Calumet Avenue or Lions Club Drive.
Cars entering directly from Calumet Avenue:
This is only an entrance in the morning. Cars may either drive around back to the main school entrance or use the circular drive at the front of the church, under the bell tower canopy, for a quick return to Calumet Avenue (northbound traffic only).
Cars entering from Lions Club Drive:
Cars must follow the traffic pattern and proceed to the main school entrance at the back of the STMS property. You may either stay in the car line and quick drop your children at the school door entrance or park in the area near the parish office and walk your children to the main entrance. Children should only exit your car when they will have direct access to the main school entrance. No child should get out of a car and cut through the faculty parking area!
**Please always proceed at a slow pace and in single file order; this ensures that no child is ever walking through moving traffic on his/her own.

Afternoon Pick-Up

South Parking Lot (North Lot is for buses only):
Cars may enter the STMS lot from Calumet Avenue.
Eastbound cars (Ridge Road):
Cars must line up in the parking area between Munster Park and STM Church, facing away from Calumet Avenue.  After all children are in their cars, you will be directed by the parking lot attendant down the driveway at the back of the building.  Left turns are not allowed.
Northbound/Southbound cars (Calumet Avenue):

Cars leaving the parking lot and proceeding north or south on Calumet Avenue should line up facing south in lines parallel to Calumet Avenue. The first line should be closest to the Munster Community Park boundary. All other Calumet Avenue exits will be closed.

No car may move or leave the lot until all the children have found a car; cars will then be given a signal from parking lot personnel to begin moving . Cars will proceed in an orderly fashion following the cars in front.
**Parents who park in Munster Community Park should walk on to STM property to pick up their children and escort them to their car.

Arrival later than 3:00 p.m.:

  • Please pull into the lot from Calumet Avenue and wait until all other cars have left the lot before approaching the church sidewalk to get your child.
  • Children whose parents don’t arrive at dismissal are taken into the school and can be picked up at the Kid’s Time door, located to the right of the school’s main entrance.

Additional Information:

  • These procedures are for the safety of all students.
  • Always proceed at a slow pace and in single file order.
  • Please keep parking lot speeds to 10-15 miles per hour maximum.
  • Follow the directions from the parking lot attendants/volunteers.
  • Please refrain from cell phone use in the parking lot; the focus should always be child safety first!
  • Teachers accompany the children to the parking lot and supervise students until they are retrieved.
  • Dismissal begins with Kindergarten and ends with 8th grade.
  • Everyone must follow the traffic light as they exit off of 34th street onto Calumet Avenue.  USE BOTH LANES TO EXIT.
  • No one may leave until all children are in their cars.  You will be given a signal to start exiting.