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Give to the Annual Fund Drive

You can change the future! 

Do you believe that?  Actually, it is true.  You can change the future by investing in it. One of the best ways to do that is to support our parish school. Supporting the school today will help fund many ventures that we are attempting to establish for our students. We are looking toward a "classroom of the future" and other advancements that will help our students to develop not only academically, but also spiritually, emotionally and socially. 

Grounded in the faith and given an opportunity to excel, our students will have an opportunity to impact the future in all sorts of ways. Which would you prefer? A dull, unenthusiastic future with people who are not committed and do not care OR a vibrant, exciting future with people who are committed to positive values, doing their best to reach out to all in need. 
You can make a difference.  

Please consider helping to finance the present in order to positively change the future. 

Fr. Mike Yadron 
Pastor of St. Thomas More 

Make a gift to the Annual Fund Drive