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With both the three and four-year-old preschool programs, students actively work on developing basic emotional, social, cognitive, and large and small motor skills. These skills are achieved through socialization, playtime, and the use of various manipulatives. We also stress good work habits, listening skills and taking pride in a job well done. In addition to learning prayers and periodically attending Mass, our Catholic faith is always present in our daily work and activities.

Our three year-old Preschool classes include:

  • Circle Time - Activities such as prayers, calendar, music, story of the day, math, pre-reading & development of listening skills.
  • Free Choice Play Time
  • Project of the Day - Generally relates to the story of the day.
  • Special Activities - Library, gym, music and art.
  • Prayers
  • Lunch
  • Rest Time
  • Hands on Learning Activities
  • Outdoor Recess - weather permitting
Our four year-old Pre-Kindergarten classes follow the same format, with more time spent in the academic areas such as reading readiness and math.
We teach the skills that are necessary for
your child to be well prepared for the rigors of kindergarten.