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Our priority every day is to ensure the safety of our students.  In order to keep everyone well-protected, many safety procedures have been put in place. 
 All visitors, to both the Weis Center and main campus, must sign-in at the main office and be escorted and/or granted access to enter the school.  All visitors, as well as faculty and staff, are required to wear an identification badge while on the premises.  Two certified safety specialists are on staff to contribute to the management of all safety protocols.  The Weis Center and main campus practice mandatory drills, some with the Munster Police and Fire Departments, for preparation in the event of a fire, tornado or intruder.

Weis Center

Parents are required to escort their child into and out of the Weis Center daily and advance written notification is mandatory if someone other than a parent or guardian is picking up a student after school.  Doors will remain locked at all times, requiring visitors to be buzzed-in by Weis Center personnel.  For added security, students can enjoy outdoor recess in a fenced and locked playground adjacent to the building.

 Main Campus

For the security of the children, the premises (indoor and outdoor) are under a 24-hour surveillance system and parking lots are gated during school hours to protect the safety of children throughout outdoor activities.  Entry doors to the building are locked at all times and visitors must be buzzed in for entry to the main office.  There are additional security doors for entry to the school itself, which are also locked at all times.