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Soon the cool winter will give way to the freshness of a warm Spring. Spring is the time of RE-BIRTH! A time of newness: We celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the single most important happening for us, as Christians.

The purpose of this letter is to talk about the time to begin anew. A time for St. Thomas More School to celebrate anew. A time for me, as Principal, to begin anew.

At this time I am writing to inform you that after much discernment, I have decided not to return to St. Thomas More School, as Principal, next year. I believe the Holy Spirit is calling me, as He did the Apostle Paul, to new ministry. When I arrived, nine years ago, I said I would remain until the Holy Spirit asked me to accept a new assignment. I believe He is doing that and I will obey.

I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation to so many. I was, indeed, blessed with a faculty and staff who are among the very best with whom I have ministered. WOMEN OF FAITH. To you the parents and guardians. You welcomed me into your Community of Faith nine years ago, and entrusted the most precious gifts Almighty God has given you, your children, to my care. You were always present when you were needed. I so appreciated the many cards and letters of encouragement I received over the years. My appreciation is extended to Fr. Mike, Fr. Ted, Tina Boyle, who served as Assistant Principal/Director of Special Services my first eight years, Cindy Block, my Assistant Principal/Director of Special Services, and Jennifer Gonzalez, Executive Administrative Assistant to me during my nine years as principal without whom I donít know what I would have done. Most of all, heartfelt thanks goes to the children. Your children reflected the love of Jesus and Mary, His Holy Mother to me, on a daily basis

Thank you for sharing your parish school with me. Thank you for accepting and forgiving my faults. Thank you for allowing me to assist you in educating your children in the values of Jesus and Mary.

When a new principal is chosen Father Mike will let everyone know the good news. I pray you will be as helpful to him/her as you were to me Ė all for the good of your children.

Be assured that as I end my ministry at St. Thomas More School, I will carry you in my heart, and keep you each day, in my prayers.

With warmest gratitude,
Mr. Chet Nordyke

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